Your Weekly Meeting with Your Boss

Weekly Meeting with my Boss (that's YOU!)

A great way to be intentional with your business!
  • What do you have on your calendar for the next eight weeks? (Parties, events, social selling?)
  • How many prospects are you currently working with, and need to follow-up with?
  • Who are the prospects you connected with last week, and will meet with this week?
  • What activities are you doing to generate new leads, and book new hostesses in the next 4 weeks?
  • How many parties, events, etc. do your team members have on their calendars for the next 8 weeks? Do you need to take any type of action to increase bookings?
  • List any team members who are actively working with business prospects, and may need assistance.
  • Which team members are working to earn a promotion - and what is your coaching plan?

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