Vendor Event Package Deal!

Are you working any vendor events? (That’s a super smart strategy to generate leads, and most of all — book parties with NEW HOSTS!)

Right now, you can get the digital version of my book called “How to Book Parties at Vendor Events: Fill Your Calendar with EASE at Your Booth” ($5.50 on Amazon) AND my online course, “How to Get Outrageous Results Working Vendor Events” (normally $67) for…

JUST $8!

In case you’re in a hurry – and want to grab the deal:

Here’s what you’ll get:

First – the Digital Book!

This Book Reveals Exactly What to Do, to Book Parties AT Vendor Events

…without Holding Door Prize Drawings, Handing Out Hundreds of Catalogs, or Playing Silly Booking Games

If you’d like to book parties parties, with new hostesses, right AT a vendor event, this will be the most important book you’ll ever read.

But First, Read This Disclaimer!

What you will learn in this book is a proven system for working leads at booths. Let me emphasize…system. If you skip any steps of this system, you quite possibly won’t get good, or any results.

Your results will vary and depend on many factors…including but not limited to your experience and work ethic.

If you’re looking for shortcuts, and you simply want to sit behind a table, hoping that someone will stop by and book a party…DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.

With that said…let me jump right in and show you…

Exactly What You’re Getting

First of all, this isn’t like any book about vendor events that you’ve ever read.  It’s a short book — you can read it in 15-to-20 minutes – but it’s jam-packed with the proven sales system and word choices that can result in booking parties…right at your booth.

Here’s what you will learn:

• You’ll get clarity on the business you are really in.

• You’ll learn about the “process” of your business.  Anytime my coaching students circumvent this process, they simply make their businesses hard. 

• How that process is applied at vendor events (and how that impacts your results).

• The big mistake made by nearly every consultant who works a vendor event, and how NOT to make it.

• Why NOT to waste your money handing out catalogs.

• The importance of setting one focused goal for results at your booth.

• Why you shouldn’t choose a vendor event simply based on the participation fee.

• How to stop people in the aisles by starting conversations.

• The importance of getting your prospect excited about your products before you ever mention booking a party.

• Why you should welcome questions about price – and exactly how to handle them.

• How to get your prospect’s permission to share the benefits of being a host.

• How to ask for bookings “the right way.”

• My secret booking weapon:  the key to closing the deal right at your booth.

• When to offer incentives, and how they can help you increase bookings at your booth.

• What to send home with your booked hosts, to solidify their booking.

What you learn from this book — especially how to handle the pricing question — will impact your business far beyond vendor events. 

This system for working a vendor event goes against the norm. 

  • I developed it because I was tired of spending hours and hours, attempting to contact people who checked a box on a drawing slip, saying they wanted to book a party…but really just wanted to win the prize.
  • I was tired of giving away hundreds of catalogs, and never getting a single call.
  • I eliminated all of that frustration…and I put my valuable time to much better use.

Even one booking with a brand new host can connect you, literally, with hundreds of new customers, and dozens of prospective hostesses and business prospects, if you work your parties well. 

I’d rather come home from a vendor event — with even one new booking — than a stack of 400 door prize drawing slips.

Rebecca Hix, a Vice President Sales Leader with Norwex, learned about this book from one of her team members. Here’s what she posted in their leader group:

“This is my FAVORITE way to do vendor events!!! Susie Nelson’s approach made me eager to say yes to vendor events! Before I dreaded them and wanted to pass them off to teammates. I can’t tell you how many bookings and eventually teammates have come from doing vendor events this way!”

Rebecca ordered 100 copies of “How to Book Parties AT Vendor Events” to use as gifts for team members, and eventually became a private coaching student!

Next – The Course!

  • Are you tired of investing both your hard-earned dollars, and your valuable time, working vendor events – and getting little, if any results?
  • Have you collected a big stack of door prize drawing slips — but never get around to doing any follow-up?
  • Do you choose to participate in a vendor event – strictly based on the price – and are seriously disappointed with your results?
  • Have you participated in a vendor event that had NOBODY attending?

It doesn’t have to be that way…

Some examples:
– When I completely changed the way I worked vendor events, and I quit running drawings, quit giving away catalogs, and I used my special booking tool — at a big women’s expo I booked 21 parties (17 held).
– I’ve literally received several dozen thank-you notes and messages from students who used my techniques and started booking parties – right at their vendor booth.

Here’s what Katie Tarr, a Vice President Sales Leader at Norwex, shared in their leader group:

“Whoever mentioned this – THANK YOU! The night before this vendor event started, I did a quick search in here for “vendor event” and somewhere a paper calendar idea popped up. My focus was to get bookings for Nov & Dec, not sales because it was a consignment sale event.

I got 4 bookings the first day, 1 the next (I was there half day) and then hopefully 1-2 more tomorrow! 

Try this! Focusing on bookings instead of sales at a vendor event is so refreshing. I spent my time this week connecting with other vendors, connecting with customers, and Norwex newbies and I didn’t feel so sales-y. Again, thanks whoever gave me this idea.”

Got a message from Missey Kern Anderson, Senior Executive Sales Leader at Norwex:

“Hello Susie Nelson!!! You’re a celebrity in my book!

Thank you, thank you for writing that brief, successful book! I even loved the no raffle drawings and when you said who has time for follow up with people genuinely not interested in my product.”

Here’s what you will learn in this course:

1) Exactly what vendor events can do for your business! (Very powerful and exciting!)
2) The mistakes nearly all business owners, entrepreneurs, and consultants make working vendor events. (So you don’t make them, too!)
3) How to Choose the Best Events (considering both your time – AND – your investment).
4) Setting your results goal for the event.
5) Your Pre-event marketing strategy and plan
6) Designing your booth or table
7) Handouts, giveaways, customer gifts – what you should – and should not – give away!
8) How to work a crowd effectively.
9) Selling at your booth.
10) Booking appointments with prospects at your booth.
11) Selling future services at your booth.
12) Filling live or virtual business opportunity events at your booth.
13) Lead generation at your booth using Facebook Pages and Groups.
14) Business exposure at your booth.
15) How to manage “Passports” effectively.
16) How to connect with other vendors (who can be great leads!) the right way.
17) Working with others consultants effectively and easily.
18) Post event marketing and follow-up
19) NEW – Online Vendor Events!

Also – you’ll get access to these valuable bonuses!

BONUS #1: My personal booth resources!!

These will save you time and money! Simply take my examples, update for your business info, and go!

– checklists
– info slip example
– certificates for booked hostesses
– reservation slips for appointments
– pre-event marketing examples (from Facebook posts to letters!)
– post-event marketing examples (also for Facebook, emails, texts, and letters)
– scripts
– and much more!!

These took me at least 10 hours to create – and I should sell them separately for at least $197 – but right now, they are included as a special bonus.

BONUS #2: My special booking calendar training and file!

This works like magic when you use it the right way. You’ll have access to this in the “bonus section.” Plus, you can download my file and take it to your nearby printer for easy set-up.

What’s Your Investment for this Package?

Normally you can purchase the book on Amazon for $5.50, and the course for just $67. Considering what this can do for your business, that’s already a really good deal.

But right now — for a very limited time — you can grab BOTH… for just $8!

I also have a BOLD GUARANTEE!

If, during your first 30 days after purchasing the program, you don’t feel you’ve gotten incredible value for your $8 investment – simply send me an email. I’ll issue you a full refund with no questions asked.


My students get a special invitation to join my “Students Only VIP Group” on Facebook.

So go ahead – grab your spot. Once you process your payment, you’ll get an email within the next 10 minutes with both your course login, AND the link to download the digital book.

Don’t delay! I’m not sure how long I’ll be making this deal available.

Grab your spot!


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