Who Else is Ready to Learn How to Consistently Increase Your Leader Commissions in Direct Sales, without Feeling Stressed, Overwhelmed, or Working 24/7?

Do you:

Struggle to get paid at title every month, or worse yet — worry about losing your title?

Do your team members connect with your regularly, or completely ignore your texts and calls?

Do you watch top leaders walk across stage at conferences, and you KNOW, deep down in your gut, that you are just as smart and talented – but for some reason, you’re stuck?



In this 12 Week Program:

Learn how to get paid at title with ease, every single month; expand your team size consistently; and start developing and promoting strong leaders to grow your successful organization.

PART ONE: Give Your Sponsoring Skills a Makeover

  • How you sponsor – and what you need to STOP doing immediately
  • How you teach and help your team sponsor
  • Immediate Accountability and Expectations
  • Going back to basics to grow faster
  • New Consultant OnBoarding – a brief review

PART THREE: What Are the Leader Job Requirements?

We will go through each part of my “REAC/CT” Leadership method.

R = Recognition
E = Engagement
A = Accountability
C = Coaching
C = Communication Plan
T = Training


This is your “secret weapon” in direct sales when you learn to use it well.

  • multi-media approach
  • who to recognize
  • frequency


Consultants go through “phases” and when they stop engaging, be alarmed!

  • Four phases of consultant development
  • How to recognize each phase
  • The critical phase – and how to turn “almost ready to quit” consultants into superstars by watching for it and handling it well.


Although most direct selling companies dangle the “be your own boss” carrot in front of prospects; the fact is, most of us really suck at being our own boss.

  • Learn how to “set a high bar” from the very moment you sponsor.
  • Learn “friendly accountability” techniques – especially for bookings.
  • Learn how to hold sponsors accountable for their team production.


Think of your favorite sports team.  What are the attributes of that team’s coach? 

  • Learn how to give feedback effectively.
  • Learn some “people skills” basics.
  • How to handle a disgruntled team member.
  • Word choices – and how they can impact your team.
  • How to set high expectations and get your team members to participate.


If you’re doing all of your communication in a team Facebook group – that’s just not good enough – for many reasons.

  • Learn how to develop and implement a multi-media communications plan.
  • Your monthly communications calendar.
  • The importance of consistency.
  • Team newsletters – what to include, and templates.


As a leader, you need to walk that “fine line” of providing results-producing training, without overwhelming consultants with “TMI” (too much information).

  • Review of your new team member “onboarding”
  • Doing (and teaching) “launch parties” the right way – so they position a new team member for long-term success.
  • My “bucket training” to move team members through your organization “pipeline” (productive, team building, promotion)
  • The power of the “Group Preview Party” (and how I reduce my time spent from about 30 hours per month, to just 6!).

PART TWO: How to "Re-Activate" and "Re-Engage" Your Barely Active Team Members

  • Evaluating your current team
  • Finding the “hidden diamonds” and how to get them committed to their business.
  • Coaching team members through a re-launch

PART FOUR: Developing and Promoting Strong Leaders

This is the name of the game in direct sales.  The more people you help and mentor – the more money you’ll earn.

  • What NOT to do (I’m going to share the HUGE mistakes leaders make that result in simply diluting your organization).
  • How to start planting seeds for leadership from the moment a new team member joins your team.
  • How to evaluate a team’s readiness for promotion.
  • Coaching the entire team into and through the promotion.
  • Using a “3-month transition” for new leaders to make them even stronger.
  • How to coach a struggling leader to help her get on track.
  • The phases leaders go through – and what to do at each stage.

PART FIVE: Special Topics

  1. Getting “out in front” of your business – so you eliminate the “end of the month scramble” forever.
  2. Using blitzes effectively – Booking Blitz, Sponsoring Blitz, Preview Party Blitz
  3. Strategies for increasing team member activity.
  4. Designing incentives and getting the most out of their use – without giving away all your profits.
  5. Using data to make smart business decisions (the “KPIs of the business” – “Key Performance Indicators”)
  6. Simple, effective tracking systems for your team.
  7. Managing the money – what you need to do as your commission check grows.
  8. Your leadership mindset. 

We may add additional topics (my private coaching students always reminded me that I’ve “forgotten how much I know” and we can add topics if needed, though our bi-weekly Q&A).

PART SIX: Introduction to L-O-A-D-E-S

Only about 0.1% of the consultants in direct sales build a six figure business.  I’m one of them (and I’ve got the 1099s to prove it!). 

My secret to building to the top, and maintaining it for eleven years straight was my L-O-A-D-E-S formula.  (Truth be told, I got so good at this that I only needed to spend about six hours per week working my business.  It gave me so many options to pursue other interests!)

It stands for:

L = Leverage
O = Outsource
A = Automate
D = Delegate
E = Eliminate
S = Systems

If your goal is to build to the very top, without letting your business suck away your life, then this introduction will be eye opening and essential.


  • When the course launches  – it runs for 12 weeks.
  • New training posted every week on Sundays (allow about 2 hours per week to implement!)
  • You’ll have access to the training forever!
  • Ask questions anytime in the online community with the course.


Anytime you invest in your business – you have to ask yourself, “How will this impact or transform my business?”

Here’s my goal — my hope — my intention — for the students in this focused “Superstar Leader” program:

1)  Meet your company’s monthly requirements for maintaining your title, or getting paid at title, with ease – every single month.

2)  Consistently increase your team size by adding highly productive team members.

3)  Learn how to develop strong leaders in your organization.

4)  Lead with ease meaning you learn to invest your time on the activities that really matter, and get everything else off your plate.

Finally – remember that the amount you earn in leader commissions and bonuses each month – is a direct reflection of the number of people you help succeed.

When this program is offered, it will be just $597.




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