Want to Be Part of a Community of Consultants…All Building to the Top in their Compensation Plans?

Be the Exception – Mentoring and Mastermind

Will the next 12 months be YOUR TIME TO SHINE?

Will you:

  • – Build a strong, productive team?
  • – Double, even Triple the size of your organization?
  • – Earn one, two, even three or more promotions?
  • – Consistently develop and promote new leaders?
  • – Most of all — build to the very top of your company’s compensation plan WITHOUT working 24/7, missing family activities, or letting your business take over your life?

That’s what my “Be the Exception” Mentoring and Mastermind Program is all about — making MAJOR progress in your business over the next 12 months.

This is NOT a training course.

This is all about:

  • – Making good decisions that impact your results and profits.
  • – Eliminating overwhelm and procrastination
  • – Developing the right mindset to build and sustain a top organization
  • – Learning to streamline, simplify, and optimize for exponential growth
  • – Using Neuroscience — meaning visualization and mental imaging — to build your dream business
  • – “Following my lead” as I share exactly what I am doing to build to the top in another company — again!
  • – and much more.

My mission is to help at least 1000 direct selling consultants build to the very top in their compensation plans.  Will you be one of them?

“Be the Exception” Member Benefits:

1)  We kick-off in December with a 2022 Planning Session.  Don’t confuse this with “goal setting” — this is all about having a “master plan” that will guide you throughout the year, with smaller milestones.

This includes everything from using all company events (conferences, opportunity nights, company training) and company incentives well; planning for developing and promoting leaders; getting the most from any incentives you choose to offer; and reviewing your data.  (This will include my special “spreadsheet” to help you track everything about your business.)

2)  Bi-Monthly “Work Room” Sessions on Zoom.  I’ll be rolling up my sleeves and sharing what I’m doing to build my team and organization – so you can follow my lead.  This is all about implementation and Q&A, because you can go through training courses month-after-month, but nothing happens without implementation.

3)  “Gold Star” recognition for achieving milestones.  Get recognition among an entirely different set of peers.

4)  Lead Generation – learn different strategies for attracting your very best prospects!

5)  Monthly “Be the Exception” Newsletter (delivered by mail for those in U.S. and Canada, electronically for those in other countries).  Includes a special “Monthly Message from Susie,” Training and Leadership Tips, Recognition, and much more.

6)  Private Facebook Group, strictly for “Be the Exception” members.

7)  Susie’s Challenges – a fun way to build your business while earning rewards.

8)  Quarterly “Team Training” – invite your entire team to join us on Zoom to catch the vision and learn how they can build to the top — right behind you!

9)  I may choose to feature YOU on my Podcast!

10)  Personal Growth and Leadership Training – I’ve been so blessed to learn from some of the very best during my career.  I’ll be sharing many of those lessons with the group.

This is NOT about me “telling” you what to do to build your business.  I’ll be building right along with you!

Think of me as your “surrogate leader.”

Your Investment:

First, let me tell you the importance of having some “skin in the game.”

Your willingness to Invest some of your profits in yourself and your business really sets you apart from most.  It also shows that you believe in yourself, which is super important for success in this business.

Just $197 for the entire year (and that’s a really great deal!)

Here’s my final question.

At the end of 2022, when you look back at your progress over the year – where will you be?  At the top, close to the top, or still spinning in your tracks?

I’m going to roll up my sleeves and “Build With You” — Let’s Do it!

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