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My Business Builder Books and Leadership Books are great for:

– training tools
– consultant gifts
– welcome gifts
and much more!

Business Builder Book #1:  “Awesome Launch Parties”

The perfect “how to” book for NEW home party consultants, social selling consultants, or direct sales consultants.

It is the step-by-step guide that keeps a new consultant focused on launching their business quickly, and taking the right action for long-term success.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • An explanation of the business process (Susie calls it: Lather-Rinse-Repeat).
  • What is a successful launch party?
  • How to create a potential host list.
  • Why you should book your launch party quickly.
  • How to invite your guests the easy way (including scripts).
  • How to prepare well for the party.
  • What you need to do differently at a launch party to guarantee your success.
  • How to ask – and get – bookings on your calendar.
  • And much more.

This book is the perfect gift to give every new direct sales consultant.  It’s also a great tool for direct sales leaders to use as they coach their team members – especially those who are long distance – about how to have incredibly successful business launches.


Business Builder Book #3: "How to Hold a Spectacular Vendor Event with Consultants from Other Direct Sales Companies

Continuously generating leads is the key to building your team in direct sales.

What if you could tap into dozens of leads, in your very best target market, with one special event?  What would that do for your business?

The good news is — you can! 

Hosting a vendor type event with direct selling consultants and leaders from other companies is one of my favorite lead generation strategies.

You might know this as a “Holiday Expo” — but it’s a lead generation strategy you can use anytime of the year.  That’s why I call it a “Multi-Distributor Event.”

Learn how to manage and promote these well and they can be a huge success!  That’s what you will learn in Book #3 of my Business Builder series.


Business Builder Book #2: How to Book Parties AT Vendor Events

Continually generating leads in a direct sales or home party business is crucial for serious business builders.  Working vendor events can be highly productive, or it can be a waste of time and money.

In “How to Book Parties at Vendor Events,” you will learn a new way to approach lead generation at your booth without giving away catalogs, running door prize drawings, or handing out business cards.

Most of all – you will focus on booking parties — right at your booth so you don’t have to suffer through the frustration of follow-up calls.

You will learn:

– How to connect with attendees at the event.
– How to eventually turn the conversation to your products.
– How to handle the “price question.”
– Explaining your host rewards, and asking for the booking.
– Using my special “Booking Calendar” to book parties – on the spot!

…and much more.


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