Private Coaching Template


I truly enjoyed connecting with you and learning more about you, and your plans for your business!

I know we covered this info on the phone, but let me just summarize it for you:

1) I start with each student by doing a “Business Strategy Session” where I ask a lot of questions, and together, we map out the plans for where you want to take your business during our time together; and over the next 12 months.

2) One quarter of coaching is technically 13 connections. I count connections (so if you have a vacation, or have to skip a week, you don’t lose a connection). All I ask is, if you have to reschedule, that you let me know at least 24 hours in advance.

Our connections are 1-hour long, and we connect on zoom. That way I can record the call for you, and share it in a dropbox. (Often my students will want to listen to a part of our conversation a second time – so they’ll just make a time note so they can find that info quickly in the recordings.)

My coaching students have:

  • Earned promotions
  • Doubled, even tripled the size of their teams
  • Earned incentive trips
  • Most of all – significantly increased their commissions.

83% of my students have extended to more than one quarter, because they are so pleased with the results they are getting.


In addition to the coaching program, I include my training program as a special bonus – so we don’t have to spend our time on “training” during coaching calls (instead, I can refer you to where you can find it for later reference).

My current fees are just $3997 per quarter. If you choose to proceed with coaching at this time, I will subtract off the $597 you invested in my “Ultimate Game Plan” program, so right now, it would be just $3400.

It’s rare that I have openings in private coaching, because I work with a very small number of students, and I’m incredibly selective. (I only want to work with a consultant who is ready to build, and who I feel will get some incredible results.)

Here’s the link to reserve my open spot:

Click Here to Reserve Your Spot!

If you choose to proceed, we can set-up your Business strategy at the end of the week, if it works for your schedule.

I would truly enjoy working with you!

Big Hugs,


PS: If the order form doesn’t work, it means my open spot has been reserved by another student. I’d be happy to add you to a waiting list.

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