Private Coaching Proposal – Mel Maes-Bilse

Hi Mel!

I truly enjoyed connecting with you this evening!

I know we covered this info on the phone, but let me just summarize it for you:

1) I start with each student by doing a “Business Strategy Session” where I ask a lot of questions, and together, we map out the plans for where you want to take your business during our time together; and over the next 12 months.

2) One quarter of coaching is technically 13 connections. I count connections (so if you have a vacation, or have to skip a week, you don’t lose a connection). All I ask is, if you have to reschedule, that you let me know at least 24 hours in advance.

Our connections are 45 minutes long, and we connect on zoom. That way I can record the call for you, and share it in a dropbox. (Often my students will want to listen to a part of our conversation a second time – so they’ll just make a time note so they can find that info quickly in the recordings.)

My coaching students have:

  • Earned promotions
  • Doubled, even tripled the size of their teams
  • Earned incentive trips
  • Most of all – significantly increased their commissions.

82% of my students have extended to more than one quarter, because they are so pleased with the results they are getting.

One of my students, Rebecca Hix, sent me a review that I’d like to share with you. Click Here!


My current fees are just $3997 per quarter.

But first – I offered you $1000 off that price as my special gift. I would also subtract what you’ve paid for course so far (my total came to $852) since I would include those as bonuses. (I will also add you to my “Super Successful Zoom Party” training.)

That brings your total down to just $2145 for the quarter.

It’s rare that I have openings in private coaching, because I work with a very small number of students, and I’m incredibly selective. (I only want to work with a consultant who is ready to build, and who I feel will get some incredible results.)

Here’s the link to reserve my open spot:

Click Here to Reserve Your Spot!

If you choose to proceed, we can set-up your Business strategy at the end of the week, if it works for your schedule.

I would truly enjoy working with you!

Big Hugs,


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