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Do any of these describe
YOUR business?

• “I struggle to put bookings on my calendar.”

•  “I have a handful of very loyal hostesses, but I’m starting to burn them out.”

• “I’m posting on Facebook daily, but it’s just not working.”

• “Nobody wants to book a party – even when I offer the choice of online or live parties.”

• “My hostesses aren’t getting people to show up, so we aren’t having qualifying parties.”

• “I can’t find anyone who wants to join my team.”

• “I’ve sponsored a few people, but they don’t do anything. Some won’t even reply to my messages.”

• I’ve earned a promotion, but rarely get paid at title.

• I’ve earned a promotion, but couldn’t maintain the title.

The good news.  We can fix any of these. No matter where you’re stuck, we can fix it – IF – you’re ready to change things up.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with several dozen private coaching students over the past few years.  They were all at different places in their businesses – but they had one thing in common:

They were working really, really hard, but their businesses weren’t moving forward.

You might say, they’ve hit a “plateau.”  They were “stuck.”

So what did they do?  They worked even harder.

They were stressed.  They were frustrated.  And they were headed for burnout (or worse yet – throwing in the towel!).

They had all approached their business with the best of intentions, and tried lots of things; and the result was that their business had become one big hot mess.

With private coaching students, we usually spend a good deal of time simplifying things, and we give their business a complete makeover…going back to basics and building a strong foundation.

It usually takes several weeks to undo all that “messiness” and get rid of some bad habits.  But this is why it’s so important (and it should be a big takeaway for you):

“Simple, streamlined businesses…grow faster.”

Do you want to “creep along” or do you want to grow quickly and steadily? 

I hope you want to grow quickly, because here’s some more good news…

When you streamline and simplify your business, and it starts growing faster… it actually gets easier!  (Not to mention more fun, more profitable, and more rewarding!)

I’m passionate about not only helping you ramp up your skills, I also want to help you “Live Your Best Life.”

Based on my experience, success in direct sales is as much, if not more, about becoming your very best self.  To me, that means building your self-esteem and self-confidence, getting past your fears, and most of all, getting out of your own way!

This is what inspired me to create this
new 12-month program:
“Build Your Dream Business AND Live Your Best Life.”

Here’s how it works…

I’ve designed this program to be incredibly time-efficient for you. 

You see, I believe one of the big reasons for being in a direct sales business is to have control over own schedule.  I want you to plan your life and lifestyle first; then schedule in the time for your business.

(I’m seriously anal about using time wisely and efficiently…I don’t want you working around the clock to build a successful business. That’s simply a recipe for burnout and frustration.  I want you to work “smarter, not harder.”)

You’ll start the program by taking a “Business Snapshot” that you can submit to me.  After all, we can’t evaluate your progress if we don’t know where you’re starting from…

Next, you can start going through each step of the training – on your own time.

I’ve based this on a 12 month step-by-step plan – but you can certainly complete each step faster.

(After all – I’m the trainer whose motto is:  “I can’t think of a single good reason to build your business S-L-O-W-L-Y!”)

Each training segment includes “Susie’s Summary” which gives you the overview of the most important take-aways.

Next, each training topic has an “implementation checklist.

Too often, I’ve seen students go through training courses and NEVER actually implement what they were taught.

That’s why I want to provide you with this “friendly accountability.” As you implement what you learn, and check off each step along the way inside the course, I’ll get alerts about your progress and can give you the recognition and pat-on-the-back that you deserve!

There’s also a post-test for each step. No better way to ensure you assimilate and implement the information.

So where do we Start?

There are 12 Parts to the Online portion of the program:

Passion & Commitment

What Do you Really Really Want?

I want to help you ramp up your focus, your energy, your passion, and most of all, your belief in yourself.  This will be a section you may want to re-watch several times – especially anytime you hit a “speed bump” or feel discouraged, this section will give you confidence and clarity about “why” you are building your business..

Big Concepts of Big Business

The Super Important Basic Principles of the Business 

  • Learn my “lather-rinse-repeat” process
  • Six Steps to Accepting an idea (and this impacts many parts of your business)
  • Push, Pursue, or Attract (big hint:  “attract” is the easy way to build your business)
  • Simple, and Easy to Copy – THE foundation of a direct selling business
  • You’re selling three things:  Your products, booking parties, and considering your business

Master Your Skills

You can’t teach things you haven’t learned yourself. 

In this section, we’re going to dive in deep.  You’ll learn:

  • Principles of Selling
  • How to Book Parties
  • Hostess Coaching
  • Sponsoring
  • Doing an Effective Party Presentation
  • Providing Fabulous Customer Service

Launch or Re-Launch

Launch – or Re-Launch Your Business

Now that you’ve mastered your skills – it’s time to “re-launch”  Now, the focus will be on positioning your business to grow.

You’ll learn how to take your prospects through the “process” of the business – so when they book a party, they are excited and committed to making it a huge success – with your help!

Build Your Team

Build a Strong, Highly Productive Team!

You’ve mastered the skills.  Your personal business is on fire.  Now it’s time to “duplicate” yourself!

In this section, you’ll learn how to do effective new consultant on-boarding, how to prepare well for a promotion, and how to easily qualify and keep right on going!

Transition to Leader

Making the Transition from Consultant to Leader

From my experience, your first three months as a leader are some of THE most important in your business.

During this time, I want to help you truly learn what your responsibilities are as a leader.  Plus, I want you to keep right on growing.


Be a Strong Leader

Learn to be a Strong Leader.

I’m going to take you through my special acronym, that explains exactly where you should focus your time and energy, to be a fabulous, strong leader.

I call it:  REACT
R=Recognize, E=Engage, A=Accountability, C=Coaching and Communication, T=Training

Be the Exception

Be the Exception!

The fact is, less than 0.1% of the consultants in direct sales earn six figures or more per year.

I didn’t realize that I was an “exception” when I built my business to that level.  I did it by truly optimizing my business.  It requires a big shift both in mindset, and in the way you “interact” with your business.

That includes my special “L-O-A-D-E-S” formula – L=Leverage, O=Outsource, A=Automate, D=Delegate, E=Eliminate, S=Systems.

Live Your Best Life!

I think this is my favorite part of the entire program.

I realized that one of the very best parts of my “direct sales journey” has been all the personal growth.

I’ve learned from so many experts – and I want to pass along those lessons and help you increase your confidence, your self esteem, get past your fears, and get out of your own way!  I want to help you live your very best life!



This is where you’ll find tools such as “Business Snapshots,” your “Weekly Meeting with Your Boss,” plus I’ve assembled all the scripts and handouts in one easy-to-find spot.

Susie's Big Lessons

I’ve learned LOTS of things “the hard way.”  (And so will you along your journey!)  

I’ve assembled 52 of my business lessons – and in this section, you can “activate” a weekly email to get my lesson delivered to your in-box once a week for a year.

Special Topics

This is where I’m sharing some of those “extended” topics including “Even Better Online Parties,” “Lead Generation,” “How to Run Your Business Like a Business,” “How to Earn Your Company’s Incentive Trip with Ease,” and “How to Build a Million Dollar Organization.”

So what’s your investment?

My goal was to give every consultant access – and when you consider it is the “A-to-Z” – everything you need to build your business in one big box – you’d probably think I’d be asking $1997 if not more for this powerful program.

But I’ve got good news…

Right now you can join “Build Your Dream Business AND Live Your Best Life” for one payment of just $597.

I also have 3 payment plan options.

Payment Plan Option #1:  3 Payments of Just $227 (One billed today, one in 30 days, and one in 60 days)

Payment Plan Option #2:  6 Payments of Just $127 (One billed today, then every 30 days for the next 5 months)

Payment Plan Option #3:  12 Payments of Just $67 (One billed today, then every 30 days for the next 11 months)

I’ve got one more surprise for you!

I call it “Monthly In Your Mailbox!”

I’m going to mail you some kind of surprise every month.  First – I love surprises.  But the real reason is to keep this program “front of mind.”  I don’t want it to be “out-of-sight, out of mind” so it’s friendly accountability at its best.

I’m so confident in the results students who follow my plan can get in their business, that I want to offer you an outrageous guarantee!!

Plus, I have a 180 Day Money Back Guarantee!!

If you go through the first four sections of the course (my online platform tracks each student’s progress) and you don’t see any improvement in your business, simply send me an email and I’ll issue you a full refund.

Are you ready for your own transformation?

Are you ready to embrace and unlock your true potential?

Then join this program now – for just $597 (or use one of the payment plan options

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