Joey Arellano

Proposal – Half Day of Consulting and Project Management Outline

I truly enjoyed connecting with you today, and based on our discussion, I think you have potential for several different income streams.

Something I think would be very helpful, as you’re working on ideas for this business model, would be a half day of consulting.

We would connect for about 3 hours, to review and brainstorm three things:

  1. Your current business structure – to discuss ways that you could optimize it — with a big focus on decreasing your personal time invested.
  2. What you’d need to put in place to start promoting and selling your “Capitalize on Obamacare” referral program.
  3. Once that program is established, how you could teach other insurance brokers, and provide the systems (training, marketing, payment management, etc.) to launch a similar program for their firms.

After our discussion, I would create your “project implementation plan” for each of these scenarios. Past clients have found these plans to be very helpful tools for managing their project effectively and implementing quickly.

My fee for this type of work is $1997. I do have time later this week or early next week.

I think this would give you a good starting point – whether you and I work together, or you work with another business consultant. You’d have a solid plan in place.

If you’d like to proceed, here’s the payment link.


Again – I truly enjoyed connecting with you, and I love your ideas!


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