“Make the Leap” is not just a course.   It’s a 12 Month Program.


You will learn the “essential skills” of the business — selling, customer service, booking parties, host coaching, sponsoring new team members, developing an effective party presentation, and finally — team building.

You’ll also be challenged to earn a promotion (or your next promotion) in this program.


These are overviews of the key concepts for each level of training (and progress) in the program.  Also make a great resource when you are training and coaching your team.


My handouts and scripts will help you with implementation.  They are based on what I’ve taught to several thousand consultants, and they get proven results.


What better way to evaluate what you’ve learned than by taking a short quiz?  Don’t worry – you get to grade it yourself.  Just another way of providing friendly accountability throughout the program.


This is the best way for me to guide you through your transformation.  Use these checklists, and implement changes and improvements step by step.  (Plus, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE checking off boxes when I complete tasks.  I can “see” that I’m making progress!)


There are a total of 10 levels in “Make the Leap” and we will be celebrating each time you move up a level.  As one reward, each time you complete a level you will “unlock” special bonus training.


All of the program content lives on the Direct Sales Daily training platform.  So it makes sense that it’s also a great place to create the “Make the Leap” Community!   Simply login to the dashboard, and you’ll see the option for participating in the community.  Plus – that’s where I’ll be posting recognition, answering questions, and some fun surprises!


How we “think” about the business and about ourselves plays a major role in our success.  Every Monday, you’ll receive a text message with a link to my “Mindset Monday” where I give you some “food for thought.”  It’s a great reminder to continue working through the program, too.


During your 12 months in “Make the Leap,” you will receive a newsletter through the good old U.S. mail.  It includes short training tips, leadership tips, recognition, and even some games.

(There’s a tab for “newsletters” in your program binder because you’ll want to save these for future reference.)


As mentioned previously, each time you complete a level in the program, you will earn a “promotion.”  We will be celebrating your success every step of the way.


Our “101 Touches” system is designed to give you friendly nudges and encouragement.  It uses several different mediums (mail, text, calls, and more) and is intended to keep you on track.  “Out of sight, out of mind” is simply not possible in Make the Leap.


Business can be challenging at times, but it should also be fun.  Throughout your 12 months in “Make the Leap,” you will be encouraged to participate in several business building games and challenges.  Earn prizes (Business Builder Books) when you participate.

Earn Promotions and Unlock Bonuses as You Complete Each Level:


Getting laser sharp clarity about your “reason” for being in business – your “reason” for building the business – is what will keep you on track when you hit a few speed bumps.


This is the “why” behind everything you will learn in this program.  When consultants and leaders don’t have this “foundation of understanding,” they too often just make the business messy and difficult, which slows down growth.

I’ll be “reminding” you of many of these concepts throughout the program (after all – isn’t repetition important?). 

These concepts will help you streamline and simplify for rapid growth.


I know – most people hate the word “selling.”  But “stuff getting sold” is truly how the world functions.

We have no better example than our recent shutdowns due to Covid-19.  When stores and restaurants are forced to close, the economy falls apart.

Let me take this one step further.  NOTHING sells itself.  If you were promised that when you joined a direct selling company, you were fed a lie.

Sure – some products are “easier” to sell when your prospect can taste it, smell it, put it on, or smear it on — but you still have to get in front of your best prospects and present the products well.

In this section you will learn:

  • key ingredients to an effective Party Presentation
  • how to choose what you should demonstrate at your parties
  • how to effectively demonstrate your products
  • how to use wish lists and guest engagement effectively
  • my special formula for building each customer’s order during “connections” or at the order table


There is truly gold in your current customer list – even if you only have a few dozen customers. 

Sadly, most consultants avoid connecting with their customers for one main reason:  fear!  Fear of rejection, or fear of the phone, or fear you might have an unhappy customer.  It’s time to conquer those fears once and for all.

Now you might be thinking, “My customers are in my Facebook VIP group – so I’m connecting with them all the time.”  Good for you for having the group.  But when it comes to providing “world class customer service,” that’s just not good enough.  (And in case you need a reminder, just because they are in your group it doesn’t mean they are seeing your posts.)

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to connect effectively with each customer.
  • How often you should connect.
  • What to say and what to do.
  • How to deal with a problem effectively to turn an unhappy customer into a happy customer.
  • How to make sales, book parties, and share the business with these connections.


Now that you know how to easily “sell your stuff,” and you can provide incredible customer service; it’s time to ramp up your booking skills.

After all, booking parties is the foundation of the business.  It’s the way to find new customers and expand.

You will learn:

  • the value of even one new host
  • the four “critical pieces” for booking parties with ease
  • how to plant seeds effectively during your Party Presentation
  • how to ask for the booking the right way
  • how to overcome “speed bumps” (a.k.a. “objections”) easily to turn a prospective host into a booked host.


One of the most important parts is often the most neglected — host coaching. 

Your “host” earn rewards by inviting guests, making sure the guests show up, bringing in outside orders for those who can’t attend, and suggesting others book parties. 

I’m sure your company offers a lucrative Host Rewards program.

But to be effective in her role – she needs some coaching, training, accountability, and recognition.

This part alone can help you double, even triple your party results.

You will learn:

  • my “three host connections” (including checklists)
  • what to do if a host isn’t building attendance
  • how to help your host bring in outside orders and bookings
  • how to share your business with your host before the party


Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals for making money meaning — selling, customer service, booking parties, and host coaching — it’s time to “replicate yourself.” 

This is really the powerful concept of the direct selling business — sponsoring others and earning a small, ongoing commission amount from their sales. 

The more team members you sponsor, coach, and help — the bigger your commissions.  That is, if you build a productive team.  That’s our focus in this program.  (From my experience, it’s much easier to build a productive team than a “wholesale buying club” – as I like to call it!)

You will learn:

  • How to plant seeds during your Party Presentation
  • How to offer to share your business during order connections, or at your order table.
  • How to present your business info effectively without making false claims or overwhelming your prospect.
  • How to ask for a decision.


We’ve been tweaking and enhancing your presentation throughout the last Five Levels.  Now it’s time for a friendly critique.

To earn this promotion – you will share your party presentation with our Make the Leap Community.

There’s no better place to give it a “test drive” than among friends and peers.


When I have surveyed my students, the second biggest concern is always having teams that are not producing.

Now that you’ve mastered all the skills – selling, customer service, booking parties, host coaching — and especially how to sponsor “the right way,” it’s time to build a highly productive team.

You will learn:

  • Start with what you got!  How to connect with your current team members to get them “re-engaged.”
  • How to create expectations from the moment a new team member joins.
  • Friendly accountability – how to set the bar high without acting like a boss.
  • How to help new team members have an “awesome launch party” that fills their calendar with bookings.


Learning how to prepare well AND get your team members involved is one of the best ways to earn your first — or your next — promotion.  (This training is also invaluable as you start coaching your team members into and through their promotions.)

You will learn:

  • How to evaluate your “team readiness”
  • Hosting a team connection to share your plans and review your requirements.
  • How to host a team multi-host party and business info event during your qualification time-frame.
  • Weekly tracking – share the news!
  • How to celebrate your promotion in a way that continues to build your team.


LEVEL ONE The Power of the Mental Movie to Visualize and Manifest Your “Why” ($27 value)
LEVEL TWO Blitz#1 – The Preview Party Blitz (a great way to add new hosts to your calendar) ($27 value)
LEVEL THREE How to Run Your Business – Like a Business ($47 value)
LEVEL FOUR The Power of Referrals.  How to Get Your Customers to Consistently Refer New, Awesome Leads to You. ($47 value)
LEVEL FIVE Blitz#2 – The Booking Blitz ($17 value)
LEVEL SIX How to Develop Your Personal “Host Recognition Program” (and it’s NOT extra gifts at parties!)  ($37 value)
LEVEL SEVEN Blitz#3 – The Sponsoring Blitz ($47 value)
LEVEL EIGHT You complete this level by sharing your party presentation in our private Facebook group.  You’ll earn Susie’s Personal Critique and Tips (a $250 value)
LEVEL NINE The Do’s and Don’ts of Gifts and Incentives – How to Motivate Your Team Without Giving Away All Your Profits ($47 value)
LEVEL TEN How to Be a Strong (and Smart!) Leader using Susie’s REAC/CT method (Recognition, Engagement, Accountability, Communication, Coaching, Training) ($97 Value)

What's the Investment?

Right now – you can reserve your seat in “Make the Leap” for just $597 (or 3 payments of just $227 each – one billed today, one in 30 days, and one in 60 days).


How long do I have access to the program?

You will have access to all of the training (levels 1-through-10), and bonus training (as you unlock it) forever.

The newsletters, promotion recognition, and other “accountability connections” are for 12 months (but I recommend you save the newsletters and other info and review it frequently).

What if I have Questions?

The very best place is to participate in the discussion inside the training.   That way your questions can benefit other students.

You can also ask questions inside our “Make the Leap Community” inside the training platform.

Finally – you can email me!  I’m here to help!

What if I refer other direct sellers to the program?

I love your thinking!

In fact, in your welcome packet you will get information about our referral program.

But beyond that – it would be very powerful to get your entire team going through this program.  Think of the possibilities of your entire team building strong businesses – all at the same time!

Does it have to take a year to complete the program?

Absolutely not!  Go at your own pace – and faster is better.

(After all – one of my saying is this:  “I Can’t Think of a Single Good Reason to Build Your Business S-L-O-W-L-Y!”)

All of the “accountability” and friendly reminders are in place for one year.

Do you offer a guarantee?

The intention of this program is to help you make major progress in your business, and income, in just 12 months.  But that being said, a big part of that depends on you implementing what you learn.

But I do offer a 90 Day Guarantee.  If you dive into the training and for some reason, it’s just not the right match for you, send me an email in your first 90 days and I’ll issue you a full refund.

Will this conflict with my Upine's or Company's training?

“Make the Leap” is focused on the fundamentals — the skills and the mindset that work in any company.  

But this is important:  Often a student needs to hear a concept from a “different voice.”  Whether it’s word choices, or the simplicity I teach, or my special handouts — I only teach proven techniques.

Plus – and this is even more important – these days consultants are flooded with “too many ideas.”  This program is all about simplifying and streamlining for rapid growth.

Ready to get started?

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