I Believe Everybody Needs a Coach!

I’ve worked with coaches throughout my career, for several reasons:

1)  To get a perspective from “outside” the culture of my company. 

Sometimes we get so embedded in our “company stuff” that we’re a bit blind to the real issues.  A good coach can quickly spot what is going on, and make recommendations for change.

2)  Because your coach is not “intertwined” with you in business (meaning they’re not your upline, and they’re not a company employee whose bonus depends on your success), they can “tell it like it is” – which is so important in business.

3)  Often our upline is just “half-a-step” ahead of us in business.  To make a “leap” you need to get coaching and advice from someone who has been where you want to go.  (Hopefully you’ve set your sights on building to the very top!!)

I work with very few private and group coaching students – so I’m very selective.  At this time, I’m working with small groups of four students.  

Here’s how my private coaching program works:

1)  The four students in the group must be from four different companies (that’s how you’ll get the best perspective and ideas).

I start with each student in the group by doing a “Business Strategy Session” where I ask a lot of questions, and together, we map out the plans for where you want to take your business during our time together; and over the next 12 months.

2)  Once we’ve mapped out your plan, our group will meet once a week, for 1-1/2 hours on zoom.

Each coaching student gets 20 minutes for their weekly review and questions.  You’ll leave each week with your personal “action plan.”

3)  At the half-way point, I connect with each student one-on-one to discuss progress.

My coaching students have:

  • Earned promotions
  • Doubled, even tripled the size of their teams
  • Earned incentive trips
  • Most of all – significantly increased their commissions.

83% of my students have extended to more than one quarter, because they are so pleased with the results they are getting.


In addition to the coaching program, I include my “Make the Leap” program as a special bonus – so we don’t have to spend our time on “training” during our coaching calls (instead, I can refer you to where you can find it for later reference).

My current group coaching rates are just $2997 per quarter – so as you can see – this is for serious business builders. 

And, although I can’t guarantee it, my goal is for you to increase your commissions by ten times that amount, over the next 12 months.

If you’re ready to make some major progress in your business – then the next step is to schedule a call with me, and to get on the waiting list.

Please submit the form to the right so we can schedule our call.

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