Fundraiser Course

How to Connect with Hundreds of NEW Customers, Dozens of NEW Hostesses, and Dozens of NEW Business Prospects – While Helping Organizations Raise Funds

Here’s what you’ll learn in this online course:

1)  Why I LOVE Fundraisers, and You Should, Too!

2)  Fundraisers should be “win-win”

3)  A quick review of the five different types of fundraisers

  • Working with organizations, asking group members to host parties, and a donation is made INSTEAD OF hostess rewards.
  • Big Events (ex:  annual luncheon, fashion show, silent auction event)
  • Vendor Events (ex:  annual school or church bazaar)
  • Specific products you sell to benefit various organizations.
  • Products your company has designated for you to use as fundraisers.

***We will be spending the majority of the training on the first type – finding organizations that need to earn funds, and asking group members to host parties.***

4)  TYPE ONE – the “Book Parties” fundraiser.

a)  Easiest fundraiser you will ever do!

b)  Designing your fundraiser

c)  Finding the best clubs / organizations to work with.

d)  How to approach the decision makers

e)  Presentations at club or organization meeting – how to sell the group members on booking parties.

f)  Coaching the fundraiser hostesses

g)  What you’ll do differently at a fundraiser party

h)  Online orders for the parties

i)  Using hostess competitions to build sales

j)  Calculating the total earned, and presenting their check

k)  Approaching prospects

l)  Additional donations

m)  Booking the group back for another fundraiser

n)  Summary – what you earned, what they earned, AN EXAMPLE

5)  TYPE TWO:  Big Event Fundraisers (fashion shows, luncheons, etc.)

6)  TYPE THREE:  Vendor Event Fundraisers (ex:  annual school or church bazaar)

7)  TYPE FOUR:  Products you sell to benefit various organizations.

8)  TYPE FIVE:  Products designated for you to use as fundraisers.

YOUR INVESTMENT:  Normally just $67 – SAVE $40!! FOR A LIMITED TIME JUST $27!

PLUS – I have two special bonuses for you!

Special Bonus #1:  My BIG Resource Book (digital download)

Over 80 hours of my work – with every type of example for effectively connecting with groups, marketing, press releases, and much more.  Considering the amount of time you’ll save – these resources are truly…priceless.

Special Bonus #2:  My “Big Check” file – perfect for a “selfie moment” when presenting the organization with their funds.

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