How to Easily and Strategically Earn Your Company Incentives

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Do any of these describe YOUR business?

  • “I struggle to put bookings on my calendar.”
  •  “I have a handful of very loyal hostesses, but I’m starting to burn them out.”
  • “I’m posting on Facebook daily, but it’s just not working.”
  • “Nobody wants to book a party – even when I offer the choice of online or live parties.”
  • “My hostesses aren’t getting people to show up, so we aren’t having qualifying parties.”
  • “I can’t find anyone who wants to join my team.”
  • “I’ve sponsored a few people, but they don’t do anything. Some won’t even reply to my messages.”
  • I’ve earned a promotion, but rarely get paid at title.
  • I’ve earned a promotion, but couldn’t maintain the title.

The good news.  We can fix this.  Whenever a consultant or leader tells me where her business is struggling, it’s always come down to one thing:

“She simply hasn’t mastered the skills that are needed to succeed.”

Think about it for a minute. If you start a new job, doing something you’ve never done before; any respectable company will train you how to succeed.

Hopefully your direct sales company has some fabulous training in its back office.

But here’s the problem…

For the most part, consultants are supposed to rely on the coaching and mentoring from their uplines.  That’s why sponsors are paid commissions… for being a great coach, mentor and trainer.

Don’t get me wrong – most sponsors are well-meaning individuals who have the best intentions – but the problem is, they are often stuck in the same exact place in THEIR business…as where you are stuck in YOUR business.

Pretty tough for your sponsor to help you with your business, if she hasn’t figured it out for her own business – am I right?

Plus, there’s what I call the “telephone game” effect.  

When I was a kid, at birthday parties we used to play a game called “telephone.”  It started with the birthday girl, and she would whisper something into the ear of the child sitting next to her.  Then that child would whisper to the next child, and so on.  

When the “secret phrase” finally got around to the last child, and they said it out loud, it was completely different than what was originally said.  The room laughed hysterically, as little kids do, but when that same concept impacts your business, it’s not such a funny scenario.

It’s human nature.  We all have good ideas and we tend to add or tweak things, thinking we’re making them better (and sometimes we are!).  

But your downline, and their downline, and their downline, and so on…will all do the same thing.  Pretty soon, that simple training about booking or sponsoring has turned into one thing:  a crazy, hot mess.

Often, when I work with a private coaching student, we have to spend a few weeks “undoing” all that messiness, because here’s what’s important:

“Simple, streamlined businesses…grow faster.”

That’s the name of the game here.  Grow quickly.

But here’s some shocking information…

Based on surveys from my students, and based on my review of several companies’ “Income Disclosure Statements,” here’s what I can conclude:

“More than 90% of the Consultants and Leaders in Direct Sales, Never Make Much, if Any Money, Simply Because They Don’t Master the Essential Skills of the Business.”

Sad…but true.

But the good news is this: We can fix this!

If you are ready to be a “serious”  business builder, then you’re exactly the person I’ve designed my new “Direct Selling Skills Master Class” to help…

Here’s how it works…

I’ve designed this program to be incredibly time-efficient for you.

Start the program by taking a “business evaluation” that you can submit to me. That way I can make some recommendations for both your business, and for how to get the best and fastest results from the program.

(I’m seriously anal about using time wisely and efficiently…I don’t want you working around the clock to build a successful business. That’s simply a recipe for burnout and frustration.  I want you to work “smarter, not harder.”)

Before you waste a single minute going through each training module, take my “pre-training-test.

Not only will the “pre-training-test” increase your knowledge, but it will let you decide if you need to go through the entire training module, or simply download “Susie’s Training Summary” which gives you the overview of the most important take-aways.

If you get a “less-than-perfect” score on the pre-training test and…then you know what to do… Dive in and learn.

Next, each training topic has an “implementation checklist.

Too often, I’ve seen students go through training courses and NEVER actually implement what they were taught.

In fact, some are even addicted to training – that addiction has become their “excuse” for not building their business. They need to “learn more” before they can “do anything.

That’s why I want to provide you with this “friendly accountability.” As you implement what you learn, and check off each step along the way, I’ll get alerts about your progress and can give you the recognition and pat-on-the-back that you deserve!

There’s also a post-test. No better way to ensure you assimilate and implement the information.

In every topic – I give you the “big overview,” the “deep dive,” and even advanced strategies and techniques.

As you can see, from this list of training topics; this is truly a “master class” – learn and implement this information and your business will become…unstoppable.

Selling 101 – I’m always amazed, or perhaps, amused, when I hear consultants tell prospects, “the product sells itself.”  It doesn’t matter how cool it is or how easy it is or how innovative it is – nothing “sells itself.”  Plus, in direct sales you are selling three different things:  your products, hosting a party, and your business opportunity.  To do that well, requires learning some selling skills.

Bookings – Learn how to easily keep your calendar filled — especially with new hostesses.  This is probably THE most important skill to learn in direct sales.  When you have an empty calendar, your business is dying…quickly.  If you book one new party from each party, you’re sustaining.  Eventually, when you get really good at this (and it doesn’t take long!), your biggest “problem” will be having too many bookings – and not enough time. That’s a good problem!

Hostess Coaching – the often not-taken-seriously skill that can double, even triple your results at every party.  Plus, your hostess is often your best business prospect.  Learn to build a bond, and present the business information before every party.  You’ll be amazed at how many hostesses want to join your team!

Sponsoring Productive Team Members – there are two or three (or even more!) hot prospects at every party – whether you’re doing them online or in-person. Learn how to find them, share the info about your business, and build a productive team!

Outrageously Successful Online Parties – there’s no reason your online parties can’t have fabulous results — results that mimic your live parties. I will teach you how, including a review of several different platforms, and the pros and cons of each.

Customer Service – you can accomplish SO MUCH simply by learning how to be a customer service super star.  You can make additional sales, book additional parties, and even sponsor new team members when you take customer service seriously and learn to do it consistently and well.

Intro to Social Selling – It’s NOT just about throwing posts on your page, or in your VIP group a couple times a day. You have to use a multi-platform approach AND you have to view your social media work from three different perspectives: generating leads, servicing your customers, and doing parties and prospect connections.

Lead Generation – both Online and Offline. Even one new hostess can lead you to hundreds of new customers, dozens of new hostesses, and dozens of new business prospects. Regular lead generation has to be part of your business plan, if you’re a serious business builder.

Effective Party Presentations – “winging it” just isn’t productive. It’s not easy to teach to your team. The most effective consultants used planned presentations because they give you the results you need.

Promoting with Ease. The way you earn your first promotion positions your team to either soar or struggle. I want to give you the tools to earn your promotion the easy and right way so you build a strong foundation for your organization.

This program takes you from start (or re-start) through your first promotion.  It takes you to that “critical stage” where you shift from focusing mostly on your own success, to becoming a great coach and mentor for others.

What’s Your investment?

Just $297 (or three payments of just $99)

That is simply profits from just a couple parties – right?

PLUS – at this time (I can’t guarantee how long I will offer these) – I have these special bonuses…

BONUS #1: My Big Booking Blitz Training – too often Booking Blitzes fail because consultants don’t know what to say, how to connect, and who to call. My students typically book at least 3 new parties in just one hour as a result of this training.

BONUS #2: How to create Fast Cash without undermining your business. This is special training that will help you think creatively and recover the cost of your investment quickly.

BONUS #3:  How to run your business…like a business.  Learn how to plan, budget, and manage your business well.  

BONUS #4: 3 Months in my Triple S Club. If there’s one thing I’ve learned for sure in business — it’s that you have to be selective about “who you hang out with” My new “Triple S Club (for “Susie’s Super Special Students”) has all kinds of benefits for your business. Check them out here. It’s a $47/month value, and right now, you can get 3 months in the Club as a special bonus for investing in my “Masterclass.”


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