Do you:

  • Struggle to keep your calendar filled with bookings?

  • Do you experience lot of postponements, or worse yet – cancellations?

  • Do you keep working with a very small group of hosts – and you are starting to burn them out?

Let’s Fix it!


– Mindset
– Lather-Rinse-Repeat
– Psychological Concepts
– Understanding hostess rewards and how to use those benefits to get bookings (and I DON’T mean just talking about your hostess specials)
– Learning how to ask for the booking the right way
– Typical speed bumps (aka objections) and how to handle each one.
– Visual Tools


– Booking New Hostesses
– Getting Bookings at Launch Parties
– Booking Parties AT your Parties (whether online or live)
– Booking Back Your Hostesses
– Bookings with non-attendees at parties
– Bookings from Referrals
– Bookings at “Preview Presentations”
– Bookings from One-on-Ones
– Bookings from Customer Care Calls
– Bookings from Catalog Parties
– Bookings from Pop-up Parties or Open House Type Events
– Bookings at Vendor Events
– Bookings from Fundraisers
– Bookings from networking events
– Bookings from Virtual Parties
– Filling a last minute postponement


– Handling objections DURING your presentation.
– Word choices – and how making minor changes can have major results.
– Booking parties with inactive consultants
– Booking parties by being a guest speaker
– Tapping into hostesses from consultants with other companies
– How to have a weekly meeting with your boss!
– And finally, my “words of wisdom” for becoming a booking magnet!

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