The Booking Blitz! (normally $17)

A powerful way to fill your calendar fast!


  • The proper mindset
  • Who to reach out to
  • What to say on a voicemail
  • What to say / how to ask when you connect
  • Then…hit “go” and produce results in just one hour.

Not only will this help your business, it will be a huge help when you run these blitzes with your own team, too!

The Sponsoring Blitz (normally $47)

Why not add a flood of new team members – in just a few days?  

That’s what the “Sponsoring Blitz” is designed to do.


  • Who to contact
  • What to say to get your prospects interested to learn more
  • How to present your business info in a clear, concise way
  • How to ask for a decision 
  • …and much more

Also helpful when coaching your team.

The Preview Party Blitz (normally $27)

This is a strategy that helps you book some brand new hosts (a powerful way to expand to hundreds of new customers, and dozens of new potential hosts and business prospects).

You will learn:

  • How the Preview Party Works
  • Who to invite
  • What to say to ensure your guests show up
  • How to ask for a booking at the end of the party presentation
  • …and much more…

Especially helpful concepts for new team members!

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