Be the Exception – Mentoring and Mastermind Group

This is a special community for consultants and leaders who are committed to:

– Building a strong, productive team

– Doubling, even Tripling the size of your team and organization over the next 12 months.

– Earning your next promotion with ease – and continue to grow, month-over-month.

– Consistently developing and promoting new leaders

– Most of all — consistently moving up your company’s compensation plan WITHOUT working 24/7, missing family activities, or letting your business take over your life!

This is NOT a training course (although access to monthly lead generation training is one of the benefits).

This is all about:

– Recognition

– Accountability

– Consistency

– Lead Generation

– Focus

– Clarity

– Using Systems and Strategies – so you can optimize your time.

– Most of all — helping our members become super strong leaders – so you can build the business (and life) that you dream about…and deserve.

My intention for the members of this exclusive group is to help you:

– Make good decisions that impact your results and profits.

– Eliminate overwhelm and procrastination

– Develop the right mindset to build and sustain a top organization.

– Learn to streamline, simplify, and optimize for exponential growth

– Optimize your time — so you focus the limited time you can dedicate to your business on activities that produce results.

“Be the Exception” Member Benefits:

1)  Monthly connections on Zoom.  I might bring on a special guest, and there will be time each month for Q&A.

2)  “Gold Star” recognition for achieving milestones.  Get recognition among an entirely different set of peers.

3)  “Consistency Club.”  It’s my fun way of holding you accountable. Earn rewards by taking consistent action, and sharing it with me and all of our members.

4)  Lead Generation Training of the Month.  Members will get access to my new monthly “lead generation training course” where you’ll learn different strategies for attracting your very best prospects!  (These courses will be offered for sale on my website — with prices ranging from $17 to $97.)

5)  My Monthly “Be the Exception” Newsletter (delivered by mail for those in U.S. and Canada, electronically for those in other countries).  Includes a special “Monthly Message from Susie,” Training and Leadership Tips, Recognition, and much more.  (Mailed on or before the 15th 0f every month.)

6)  Invitation to my special “Students Only” Private VIP Facebook Group.  I only invite my students to be part of this group.  I’ll be going live at least once a month, plus there will be other surprises and challenges.

7)  Susie’s Challenges – a fun way to build your business while earning rewards.  (Look for them in each monthly newsletter.)

8)  I may choose to feature YOU on my Podcast!  I’m going to start interviewing guests on my “Be the Exception in Diret Sales” Podcast.  I may want to feature you!  (Not a guarantee – but I’m looking forward to sharing my members’ success stories!)

9)  Members can apply to participate in my special “affiliate program” where you’ll earn commissions by recommending my various programs, using your special “affiliate link.”  (A great way to generate an additional income stream through your direct selling connections.)

Ready to Reserve Your spot?

Right now, for the first 100 members, I have an introductory fee of just $17 per month.  

You’ll be locked in for life (meaning as long as you maintain an active membership).  

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