Awesome 2022 Prep Package!

Are you ready to have your BEST…YEAR…EVER… in 2022?

If you are well prepared, and you implement a smart, strategic, plan, I know you can experience some amazing growth.

I want to help!

That’s why I’ve put together this “Awesome 2022 Prep Package!”

Here’s what it includes:

1)  An invitation to my “Kick Off 2022 Planning Session” on December 28th (1pm EST on zoom). 

This ISN’T some lame discussion about “setting smart goals.”  Quite the contrary.  Instead, during this session you will:

  • Plan out the specific activities you will schedule, starting with family first.
  • Leverage events conducted by your company and upline.
  • Set specific growth numbers, based on where you are currently at with your team and business.
  • Plan for developing and promoting leaders throughout the year.
  • Learn how to use a little bit of data to make smart business decisions throughout the year.
  • Plan out your lead generation strategy (probably THE most important activity for continual business growth).

But we’re not going to stop there…

You see – this business is such a mental game.  Often what stops a consultant or leader in their tracks is either their “mindset” OR their “relationship with money.”

We’re going to address both.

Plus – I’ve got some additional surprises!! 

This isn’t “training.”  This is a time to roll up your sleeves and get clarity on where you want to take your business (and income!) in 2022.

2)  An invitation to my “invite your entire team” training on January 6th (9pm EST on zoom).

I have a few topics in mind, and we’re going to vote during the planning session on Dec. 28th.

Keep in mind, I KNOW you do a great job with your team — but sometimes it’s just helpful for them to hear information from a different voice.

3)  Participate in my first “Work Room” session.  (Tuesday, January 11th – 2pm EST on zoom.) 

This is where all the members of my “Be the Exception – Mentoring and Mastermind” will connect on zoom, and work on a specific business project.

It’s a great time for discussion, idea sharing, and Q&A.

I’m going to be working on my new “zoom party presentation” to make sure it is structured to:  – sell a lot or products, help me book future parties, help me find business prospects, and plant the seeds for fundraisers.  It will also be a tool I share with every team member I sponsor – to help them get their business up and running quickly.

4)  You’ll receive the first issue of my “Be the Exception” Newsletter.

If you’re in the U.S. or Canada, you’ll receive it in the mail.  In other countries, you’ll get it digitally.

It includes a special message from me, training ideas, leadership tips, and much more.

For full transparency — these are four of the benefits of my “Be the Exception Mentoring and Mastermind” group.  I hope that after you experience these events, you choose to join.

But in either case – I know you’ll get some amazing value from this package.

What’s your investment?

Just $10!

Seriously…just $10!

Reserve your seat now – and watch for an email immediately after you join with some important “prep work” for the Dec. 28th planning session.

Then, mark your calendar with all the dates listed above!

On December 28th, watch for an email (be sure to add my email – – to your contacts or whitelist so it doesn’t go to spam!) at 10am EST on Dec. 28th with your zoom link for our planning session.

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