• Online, step-by-step training.

  • Templates for all content.

  • Weekly (2pm EST Wednesdays) live Q&A on Zoom

  • Six months of support (with live Q&A every two weeks on zoom)

Host Coaching

April 4th – April 17th

  • combination of videos and a handout
  • holds host accountable for “earning” her rewards
  • we use a guest registration deadline (8 days before party)
  • about 4 connections to check-in
  • “registration” process – so both the host and consultant know how many have registered for the party
  • (Knowledge is Power!)

Party Guest Registration and Reminders

April 18th – May 1st

  • Register for the zoom party to “reserve their spot”
  • Three days before the party:  start their wish list
  • Two days before the party:  review host rewards
  • One day before the party:  review business info
  • Morning of the party:  reminder with zoom link
  • 15 minutes before – text with zoom link
  • immediately after the party – thank you for attending with order link
  • day after connections and “closing party” reminders

***host doesn’t have to do the reminding***

Business Info Presentations

May 2nd – May 15th

  • video that explains the info in depth
  • strong follow-up system that asks prospect to “rank” their interest level
  • encourage scheduling connection with you (or eventually your assistant)

New Consultant OnBoarding

May 16th – May 29th

  • not intended to replace what your company offers; it’s setup to complement and leverage your company’s training
  • accountability, reminders, and “knowledge” of progress
  • series of step-by-step videos (19!)
  • (short, “do this next” because an overwhelmed consultant does nothing)
  • your recorded video can become a “launch party” video

Only 25 Beta Spots Available:

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