5-in-7 Sponsoring Bootcamp

In just 7 Days

Add at least 5 New Team Members

Kicking off at 1pm Monday.

Who’s it for?

  • Serious Business Builders who are gearing up for 2023
  • You need at least 200 customers for this to be productive

How it Works:

Monday – watch a short intro and training video, get your prep work done.  ***Download all the tools to be efficient with your time***  (Total time:  1 hour)

Tuesday through next Monday:

  • You’ll be doing text or messenger reach outs (per my instructions, and scripts – can be done with automated tools) (Total time:  30 minutes)
  • At least one (preferably two or three) 30-minute “business info sessions” (Total time:  1-to-2 hours)

I’ll be checking in with you (by text), and available for Q&A.

Monday, Nov. 21st – 1pm EST – Quick wrap-up and celebration on Zoom!

This is all about taking Fast Action, and adding at least 5 New Team Members in Just 7 Days.  This is NOT about signing up all your good customers!!

PLUS – I’ll be hosting 6 of these throughout 2023.  Once you’ve joined – you get to participate for the entire year!

Just $27 (for a total of 7 sessions – that’s less than $4 per session)

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