Our Expertise and Mission:

We Provide Free and Affordable Training for Direct Selling Consultants and Leaders – to Help You “Optimize” Your Business. 

Here’s what we mean by that:

  • Earn the Highest Profits and Commissions Possible

  • In the Least Amount of Time

  • Both Online and In-Person

Our specialty, based on Susie Nelson’s experience in direct sales, is helping leaders simplify, streamline, and put systems in place; so they can build to the very top in their compensation plans without stress, overwhelm, or working 24/7.

Finally, we want to help you close the gap between your business and your “why” so you can create your dream life.

Free and Affordable Training

Are you a serious business builder?  Looking for some great resources to help you get the very best results possible?  Check out our Free and Affordable Courses!

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Business Builder Books

My “Business Builder” and “Leadership” series of books are available on Amazon.

Want to order quantities, at a discount?

They make great gifts for team members, and great “study topics” for team training.

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Make the Leap - Comprehensive Training Program

Why “crawl” along in your business – when you can LEAP?

“Make the Leap” takes you from start (or re-start) through earning your first promotion and building a highly productive team.

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Private Coaching

I believe everyone needs a coach! 

I work with a very small number of serious business builders, and I rarely have openings.

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Superstar Leader Program

Do you want to build a “less than mediocre” team – or do you want to be the leader that everyone wants to follow?

My specialty in the business is building and developing leaders.  

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Be the Exception! Ready to Build to the Very top?

Only 0.1% of the consultants in direct sales earn six figures, or build to the very top in their compensation plans.  Will you be one of them?

My 12 month “Be the Exception” program is for those who are ready to “optimize” and grow!

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